Product Amoxi 20% LA
Amoxi 20% LA

The specific Treatment of Mastitis – Metritis – Agalactia Syndrome.


Each ml contains:

Amoxicillin......................... 200 mg


In the pigs, cattle, calves, sheep, dogs and cats to treat the following diseases caused by gram-positive and gram-negative Amoxicillin sensitive microorganisms; Infections of the digestive tract, infections in the urogenital regions, general infections and septicaemic diseases, bacterial secondary infections following viral infections, erysipelas.


For intramuscular injection in pigs, cattle, calves, sheep, dogs and cats 1ml/ 20 kg body weight ( 10 mg Amoxicillin per kg body weight) once daily over a minimum of three consecutive days.

Note: Shake well before use


Withdrawal time:

+ Cattle, calves, pigs and sheep: Meat and offal 28 days

 + Cattle: Milk 3 days


Store in a cool and dry place under room temperature.